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Maximum Efficiency in Handling Your Data

Elvis DAM and 3f8h.net / electronic publishing

Elvis DAM is the newest generation of Digital Asset Management Software for brands, publishers and creatives.

Elvis DAM offers far more than standard image databases or imaging servers and fulfills our customers current requirements to the maximum.

 Find important data fast!
 Handle huge data volumes easily and securely.
Metadata can be arbitrarily individualized
 Comfortably distribute and mutually use, comment and release data.

During the development of Elvis DAM, great emphasis was placed upon efficiency, security and connectivity.

Time to take off

Interaction between Switch and ElvisDAM+ turns Elvis DAM into a full-fledged production cockpit.

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Enfocus Switch loves WoodWing Elvis DAM

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Take advantage of our nonbinding offer and get to know all of the functions available in the current version of Elvis DAM.

Upon request, you’ll receive a free introduction to your test version.

Elvis DAM for Creatives

Simple distribution of data, mutual web-based releae of assets, creation and administration of collections.

A Video-Overview of the functions on YouTube

Elvis DAM iPadApp comment | 3f8h.net

Elvis DAM for Brands

Quickly find files, smoothly collaborate with externals and while versioning documents.

A Video-Overview of the functions on YouTube

WoodWing Elvis DAM Webclient Retail | 3f8h.net

Elvis DAM for Publishers

Conscise presentation of large volumes of data, drag and drop in layout programs, export contents for various media.

A Video-Overview of the functions on YouTube

woodwing-pr-elvis-dam-user-interface | 3f8h.net

3f8h.net / electronic publishing is an Elvis DAM Gold Partner

As the Gold Partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are in continous, close contact and exchange with WoodWing (the Manufacturer of Elvis DAM).

Mr. Bastiaan Born, Product Marketing Manager Elvis DAM says:

“For years, we’ve known 3f8h.net / electronic publishing as a first-class consultancy in the graphic industry. We’re very happy that 3f8h.net appreciates our Elvis DAM platform as they do and that they view it as the new generation of DAM solutions. We are more than certain that our collaboration will clearly improve Elvis DAM’s presence in the German-speaking countries.”

Detailed information directly from WoodWing:
 Plug-ins and Add-ons
Technical Details

Elvis DAM Customers

We’re proud to announce the integration of Elvis DAM for the following customers:


Elvis DAM Customer Feedback

What our customers have to say about Elvis DAM

WoodWing Elvis DAM bei Würth | 3f8h.net

“Elvis DAM was immediately accepted by our users. The cataloging and managing of files is now much easier and faster. With its additional features, the new DAM system is very promising when it comes to further improve the process management. Our content is now highly available at all times.

Elvis DAM has optimized our digital asset management.”

Erol Celikoers, IT Systems Manager at Würth AG, Switzerland

WoodWing Elvis DAM beim Zürcher Oberländer | 3f8h.net

“From it´s launch, 3f8h.net competently looked after the project and is supporting us as a contact at any time. During the implementation phase, 3f8h.net responded very quickly to the small issues that occurred, making sure, the production-critical systems were available at all times.

The Elvis system perfectly supports our cross-media approach. In addition, it optimized and simplified the collaboration with our external image suppliers”.

Andreas Stutz, Deputy Editor at Zürcher Oberland Medien AG, Switzerland

WoodWing Elvis DAM bei Cornelsen | 3f8h.net

“Due to our continuously and rapidly growing file stocks, we were looking for a DAM system not only offering the highest performance today, but one that would be able to grow with our increasing demands,” said Katrin Tischer, Head of Processes, Services and Implementation at Cornelsen. “In addition, it should be very easy to use. As a further requirement, the system had to be integrated seamlessly into our existing environment. In all these aspects, Elvis DAM met our expectations.”

Katrin Tischer, Head of Processes, Services and Implementation at Cornelsen Schulverlage

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